Is Diet Soda a Better Option Than Regular?

It's that time again. The holidays are getting closer and we know we will soon be forced to make New Year's resolutions. For most of us, this usually includes improving our health in some way, typically by making healthier food and drink choices.

The world as a whole has gotten away from the nutritious or healthful drinks of the past. Years ago children drank water, milk, and some juice. Adults would stick with water, coffee/tea, and occasionally a sugary drink like sweet tea or a soda. Unfortunately, as packaging changed and options incresed, we became much too comfortable with grabbing a sugary drink like a soda or Kool-Aid instead of water.

Once the idea of the obesity epidemic started to take hold, people began to look for other options to quench our thirsts that wouldn't effect our waist line quite as much. From that point, diet soda exploded in popularity. In recent years, there has been a lot of evidence that these diet sodas (or really any low calorie sweetened drinks) are actually a terrible choice for us for many reasons. has written a wonderful article on the topic that you can find here:

So when it comes to making a healthier choice for your drink- just choose water, herbal tea, or even, albeit sparingly, a regular soda.