Decoding Dizziness

There are many reasons why we may experience dizziness. Some treatments are very easy and can be done at home, while others may require a visit to a doctor. It's important to know that dizziness is never a normal sensation. Something is wrong with your body and it's important you and your health care team determine the source of the symptoms as quickly as possible. Some common reasons for dizziness include:

1) Overheating and dehydration

2) Low blood pressure

3) Medication

4) Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

5) Other peripheral vestibular dysfunctions

6) Neck and/or jaw joint disorders

7) Hypersensitivity to motion

8) Infection or other malignancy.

Physical therapists can be the most helpful during this process for a number of reasons. First, we spend the most time with you. Doctors typically have approximately 15 minutes to spend with their patients whereas the physical therapists at Integrate 360 spend up to 90 minutes. This allows us to gather a much more thorough profile of the symptoms- from presentation to history of your symptoms and other relevant medical information. Additionally, physicians may not have the time for proper testing to determine your specific treatment. For example, they may determine you have BPPV, but not test which canal is effected. This can result in vertigo-inducing exercise prescription without any actual treatment.

In order to determine what is causing your dizziness, a detailed history will be taken. Information such as when the episodes occur, what they feel like, and how long they last will clue us in to the probable source of the problem. After a possible source is determined, testing can be done to verify that the source of the dysfunction has been correctly identified, and we can begin your treatment. 

If it looks like you need the help of another provider we can either provide you with a trusted referral to another provider or speak with your physician about our concerns and/or recommendations.

Most patients experiencing dizziness can be correctly diagnosed and treated within a handful of appointments. After our evaluation, we will be happy to explain the source of your dizziness, our treatment approach, and answer any questions you may have, taken as much time as needed.

Lesley at Integrate 360 Physical Therapy has had additional training in vestibular rehabilitation and can help you and your doctor determine the source of your dizziness as well as how to treat it. If you've been experiencing episodic or ongoing dizziness, call us today at 314-733-5000 and let us help you on your road to recovery.