Hamstrings: Should You Stretch Them?

Many people suffer from hamstring sprains, strains, and tears. A lot of people think they have "tight" hamstrings. We repeatedly hear from our clients, "I've always had tight hamstrings". So the natural tendency is to stretch them. However, before you stretch your hamstrings, we suggest watching this video by Dave Drummer, DPT, PRC at the Hruska Clinic. In this video, Dave explains the importance of proper position of the pelvis for hamstring length and strength. If the pelvis is in the proper position, the hamstrings should have adequate length. At Integrate 360 Physical Therapy, we have objective tests that tell us if your pelvis is in the proper position. If a client has limited hamstring length once the pelvis is in the proper position, we will teach them hamstring stretching activities in a specific position. If you suffer from chronic hamstring injuries or would like to know more, please contact us at 314-733-5000 or email lesley@integrate360pt.com or nancy@integrate360pt.com.