Don’t Let Pain Cause You To Miss Out On Life

Don’t lose vacation days, or even pay, because of pain! Let Integrate 360 Physical Therapy help you on your journey to being pain-free again!

Even if you have tried physical therapy in the past, we can likely help. We are different from traditional PT as we are the only Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) certified clinic in the greater St. Louis area. All of our therapist are also PRI certified. Additionally, our patients see the same physical therapist each visit. We do not have therapy extenders. You will work one-on-one with your physical therapist at each visit.

PRI is a type of physical therapy that treats the source(s) of your dysfunction and pain, not just the symptoms. Regardless of the site of your pain, we assess and address (if necessary) your entire musculoskeletal and joint position and function. Just because your knee hurts, it doesn’t necessarily mean your knee is the problem. When an area(s) of your body isn’t able to move properly, it will find a way to compensate. Eventually, these compensation patterns break down because they are not biomechanically correct. As time goes on, your body finds other ways and areas of the body to compensate for this original dysfunction. Eventually, your will develop pain at one or multiple areas of compensation. Essentially, your neck may hurt because your right ankle doesn’t move well. If previous interventions and practitioners only addressed your neck and shoulders, it would make sense that you would not experience total relief.

Let us assess your entire body. We will then customize a therapeutic exercise program to treat the cause of the problem, just not mask the symptoms. Our treatment plan is different from traditional therapy as well. We typically give 3 or less exercises for your home plan, we ask you to do them only once a day, and we see our patients weekly or less. Our exercises are not simply strengthening or stretching exercises. They are movement patterns that teach your body how to move correctly via neuromuscular reeducation. We are able to see you less frequently than traditional therapy because we are essentially teaching your body a new skill, and skills take time to be learned. Once you have mastered that skill, we will then teach you a new one or continue to make it more challenging.

Let us help you reach your goal of wellness! Call us at 314-733-5000 or email us at or to set up your evaluation or simply allow us to answer any questions you may have. 


Written by Lesley Callaham, MPT, PRC on January 3, 2018